Contextul Advertising

Targeted advertising for advertisements appearing on websites or content displayed in mobile browsers.

Contextual Advertising Services

Match your ad to relevant content and hit your audience just at the right time with a high-impact campaign from contextual advertising agency DGSITE Web Development.

Why Straight North Is the Leading Contextual Targeting Company

Close Those Sales: Real-time Lead Reporting

DGSITE Web Development is the only contextual advertising agency that identifies and reports sales leads in real time. Using our easy-to-use dashboard, you can review sales leads quickly and take action on them while they are still hot.

Design, Development & Copywriting Expertise

Offering Web design and a full range of Internet marketing services, we have a talented, in-house staff of versatile designers, developers and copywriters. Our team’s creativity and knowledge of best practices results in ads that capture attention and inspire action.

Mobile friendly SEO

Being one of the Best SEO Company in India, our SEO efforts are not limited up to desktops! We make sure that your website offers best performance and content presentation to smartphone users. Along with the increasing demand of responsive websites, the demand for mobile-friendly SEO is rising too because there is a gradual loss of customers if you cannot rank well across devices. We empower your website with features which helps it rank well in mobiles so you continue generating leads through mobile users well.

Site Architecture SEO

No need to struggle with your site structure any more. We know it better how to keep your website linked in healthy way and we implement the same so that it is easy for search engine spiders to crawl your site easily, without any linking or navigation errors. The major benefits of Site Architecture SEO: It helps Google ‘understand’ your website, prevents competing with own content and lets you deal with frequent changes in your website.